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As a child one of my favorite pastimes was to watch and play video games. I loved discovering the new worlds and all of the different life and stories within. In my work I want to bring this feeling of discovery and adventure to the viewer. I want to immerse them in the possibilities of the unknown and explore new spaces, heroes, villains, and species. I try to combine reality and history to make the most believable worlds possible, while still being firmly rooted in fantasy. I do extensive research on culture and societal norms before beginning a piece and use this research to build convincing concept pieces. My work reflects my interests in Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Medieval/Renaissance/Feudal society, as well as more whimsical elements like Alice in Wonderland and Mythologies from all over the globe. With every piece I do I try to push it further than my last, whether it be in concept or in execution. I want to challenge what people expect when they think of fantasy and give them places and people that they wouldn’t have considered before.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

More progress

Still nothing concrete. I probably could have finished this ages ago but I keep changing things and experimenting and otherwise procrastinating on finishing it up sooo...

Full image is where I'm currently at. Thinking about changing some colors/shadows/texture but it's coming along.

The other is just a close up in the girls face since you can't really see it in the full image. I need to throw some dirt at her but, seeing as I haven't really done any portraits from imagination in..months? I'm pretty pleased with it.

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