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As a child one of my favorite pastimes was to watch and play video games. I loved discovering the new worlds and all of the different life and stories within. In my work I want to bring this feeling of discovery and adventure to the viewer. I want to immerse them in the possibilities of the unknown and explore new spaces, heroes, villains, and species. I try to combine reality and history to make the most believable worlds possible, while still being firmly rooted in fantasy. I do extensive research on culture and societal norms before beginning a piece and use this research to build convincing concept pieces. My work reflects my interests in Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Medieval/Renaissance/Feudal society, as well as more whimsical elements like Alice in Wonderland and Mythologies from all over the globe. With every piece I do I try to push it further than my last, whether it be in concept or in execution. I want to challenge what people expect when they think of fantasy and give them places and people that they wouldn’t have considered before.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Amaranthine, definitation: Endless, Unfading, Immortal.

Wanted to try my hand a big piece, something to play with everything I've been working on in my studies and sketches as of late.

There are some minor tweaks I want to make but for now I'm calling it finished.

Also, question; I have huge stories for about every piece/character/world/creature that I do, but I never post them because I don't know if anyone would find them interesting? So if any of you want me to I can go back and edit those in, or just start adding them.

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